Text about Network config: chord (ring topology, count of peers, etc.) The basic network configuration contains 16 peers. It was set to ensure a sufficient count of active members is available and able to accomplish activities necessary for the bootstrapping operation (i.e., steward and bootstrapping node.


A basic set of ontologies required for the handling of the demonstration scenario. That basis set includes ontologies for domain ticketing, gastronomy, parking, and babysitting. It uses existing ontologies such as GoodRelations (Link) and the domain-related ticket (TIO) ontology (Link). However, new ontologies were created and published as Linked Open Data (Link).

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A basic set of registered providers which have been generated in form of RDF documents following the concepts defined by the DMS Ontology (Link). The generated data draw on existing entries (e.g., YelloPages or the commercial register for Frankfurt city (Ref.)) and represent a mix of private and public companies, institutions and individuals for domains babysitting, gastronomy, parking, and ticketing. Each of them is considered member of wemarket.space with a unique MemberID and is registered for the provider role.

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